Webinar: UltraESB - The Future of Enterprise Integration

  • Tuesday, 29th May 2012 from 9-10am PDT
  • Presented by Asankha Perera, Founder and CTO of AdroitLogic (Profile)

This webinar will present the Free and Open Source Enterprise Service Bus UltraESB, and discuss its architecture, concepts, configuration model and some of the sample scenarios where it could be used to facilitate Enterprise Integration. We will start with a quick introduction to AdroitLogic, and the reasons and history behind the UltraESB. Then starting from the binary download, Asankha will take you through the main installation and configuration steps for the UltraESB, the web based administration console UConsole, and the command line/script interface UTerm. He will also show how any IDE could be used to develop solutions with support for auto-completion, step-through debugging of real interactions, and the support for unit testing etc. Some of the more advanced features and capabilities of the UltraESB which will be discussed in future Webinars will be briefly presented, along with information on clustering, monitoring and using AS2/EDI for B2B integration.

Finally an overview of the Engineering Discipline behind the development of the UltraESB will be presented, along with an introduction to additional development resources, and commercial support options available from AdroitLogic. A customer case study will be referenced and ESB performance benchmarking visited.

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