Adroit /əˈdroit/ - Clever or skillful in using the hands or mind

AdroitLogic is a bootstrapped and privately held innovative technology company founded in January 2010, that believes and proves that better design and clever code can yield exceptional software! Like great companies such as Atlassian and GitHub, we didn't go looking for funding first, but instead focused on building great products that would sell themselves - due to great experiences the users had, and the resulting feedback and word of mouth referrals.

We are crazy about our architecture, performance and quality. Like an Officially Certified Swiss Chronometer, our products are designed by a highly skilled team with years of experience in ESBs and integration, to be a world apart in quality

We optimize our code to only depend on a very few, carefully selected third party libraries. But we allow the end-users to extend the functionality by simplified integration with other systems and libraries - without killing ourselves or our customers by using unsuitable technologies such as OSGi - which according to the Spring Framework creator Rod Johnson, "..simply solves a set of problems that a very small number of customers had"

We are also fans of Prof. Jerry Saltzer of the MIT, and his Computer System Design Principles - and we've achieved orders of magnitude simplifications of integration problems by basing some of our key architectural decisions on his material and by learning stuff from the classical book by Frederick Brooks, the Mythical Man Month

Great coding also takes some - spent in good design! Proper design and coding saves end-users time and frustration, and avoids production risks

In 2010, China exported 671M watches, while Switzerland only exported 26M in terms of raw pieces. However in value, the Swiss watches accounted for $15.5B while the Chinese accounted for only $3B. Our value is the quality of our products, in terms of ease of use, performance and the ability to extend!

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Leadership Team

Asankha Perera Founder & CTO

Asankha founded AdroitLogic after spending 2.5 years at WSO2, where he lead the WSO2 contribution to the open source Synapse ESB of the Apache Software Foundation. He was the original architect and product manager of the WSO2 ESB, which was built on top of the Apache Synapse ESB. Asankha personally contributed over 70% of the codebase of the Apache Synapse ESB during this time.

Asankha is a member of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), and the VP of the Apache HttpComponents project, and teaches undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Colombo as a visiting lecturer. He also functions as a consultant to the Information and Communication Technology Agency [ICTA] of Sri Lanka. Previously Asankha spent 5 years at Virtusa (NASDAQ:VRTU) as a Software Architect, where he lead many projects for large US and European clients.

Asankha graduated from the University of Colombo Sri Lanka, with First class honors in Computer Science being ranked 1st in the batch of 1996-2000. In 2003, he graduated as a Master of Science (Computer Science) from the Singapore-MIT Alliance [SMA] program of the National University of Singapore and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, under a full scholarship funded by the Singapore government.

Ruwan Linton Director of Engineering

Ruwan is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, and is a project management committee member of the Apache Synapse, Axis2 and Incubator projects. He was a core technical team member of the WSO2 ESB team since 2006 before joining AdroitLogic, working with its original architect and product manager Asankha Perera, who later founded AdroitLogic. Ruwan took over as the architect and product manager when Asankha left, and was responsible for many new enhancements and features, as well as supporting client deployments. The two of them contributed over 80% of the codebase of the underlying Apache Synapse ESB and has been the release leads for each release so far.

His key competency is in Enterprise Integration solutions and he is familiar with many ESB products as well as all the Integration Patterns. Ruwan is an innovative software designer and an architect with excellent, Java, XML, XSLT, JavaScript and many other language and technology skills such as SOA, EAI and Cloud Computing.

Ruwan graduated from the University of Moratuwa specialized in Computer Science and Engineering with a first class, and has presented and published papers at leading conferences.

Amila Sampath Perera Co-Founder, Director of Operations

Sampath is a Software Architect with over 19 years of experience specializing in Insurance and Banking. He has been responsible for the conceptualization and design of many components, frameworks and applications in his career with IBM, Virtusa (NASDAQ:VRTU) and Firstapex. He is an Oracle Certified DBA who enjoys Data Modeling and Performance Tuning. Sampath holds a First Class Honors degree in Information Technology from the National University of Ireland.

Shyaminie Perera Director of Legal Affairs

Shyaminie is an Attorney-at-Law, Commissioner of Oaths and a licensed Company Secretary. Prior to joining AdroitLogic, she has functioned as an assistant state attorney at the Attorney Generals Department of Sri Lanka